Some things weren't meant to be rushed

12 years ago in October, I set off on a sailing trip. I wasn't a sailor, I was a wannabe. But instead of gently getting a feel for it I decided to do a big trip and go straight for salty sea dog in one hit. So I volunteered to assist as crew on a delivery trip from Cape Town to Antigua. Very nice too. And it would have been if I hadn't realised twenty minutes into a non-stop six week voyage that I suffered, quite badly, from seasickness. But that's by the by.

40ish days at sea (with just two others on board and mostly sleeping when you're on watch) leads to a lot of time for imagination. My sister had just had my first niece, Emmy, and one day, while being buzzed by a whale somewhere in the Atlantic, the two things came together and an idea was formed.

I wrote my first draft at sea and sketched out a few of the scenes (I've always worked visually). On return, I wrote and drew the book and my Mum painted it. I'm not a very good drawer. But it did as a keepsake for my niece, and I was happy with producing a nice little tale. Here’s the original cover.

But I always wanted to do something more with it...

Original cover.png

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