It's great when things get sketchy

As a project like this comes to life, sometimes the only way to understand what each contributor is thinking is to get out the pens. From a very young age we are trained to consider ourselves as either people who can draw, or people who can't. And those who think they can't tend to put away their scribbling when they hit adulthood. But being 'bad' at drawing means nothing if you can 'see' images with real vision. That's why many advertising Art Directors are happy to admit they're not good at drawing.

I don't actually know whether Chris is good at drawing or not. But, as this sketch will show you, there's a chance he's rubbish. However, his eye for detail, light, beauty and atmosphere mean a quick rough of what's in his head is more than enough to confirm we're both thinking in the same direction. So if you have rich imagery inside your imagination that you think belongs out in the world, don't stress about how well you can finese it - doodle it out and find some other way, or someone, you can work with.


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